Unit: Umbrella – ages 6-7

Welcome! Umbrella is designed to help students aged 6-7-years-old identify and appropriately respond to ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ online content. It develops student’s social and self-awareness when it comes to their online activity, as well as self-management and decision-making skills related to their own new media usage.

We invite you to start below in the welcome and chat section.


Module 1 Umbrella Overview and Training
Resource 1 Welcome and chat
Resource 2 Video Training
Module 2 Umbrella Lesson Content
Resource 1 Umbrella Facilitator Manual
Resource 2 Umbrella PowerPoint
Resource 3 Umbrella Lesson Resources
Module 3 Parent Correspondence
Resource 1 Letter 1 to send home to parents
Resource 2 Letter 2 to send home to parents
Module 4 Supporting Tools
Resource 1 Pre-evaluation survey
Resource 2 Post-evaluation survey
Resource 3 Australian Supporting Resources
Resource 4 Adjustment Guidance for Global Delivery