Umbrella Unit – ages 6-7 [Primary/Elementary]

$747.00 $447.00

Umbrella is designed to help students aged 6-7-years-old identify and appropriately respond to ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ online content. It develops student’s social and self-awareness when it comes to their online activity, as well as self-management and decision-making skills related to their own new media usage. Lesson activities are structured to instil self-awareness in students when it comes to navigating the ubiquitous nature of the new media landscape, including responding in protective ways to harmful and/or pornographic content.

The Umbrella Unit is in pilot phase. For a limited time only, schools/organisations can take advantage of the introductory price, regardless of the number of students.


The Umbrella Unit of curriculum designed for delivery to children aged 6-7-years includes:

  • Online access and downloads
  • 3 x 45-60-minute lessons in a comprehensive facilitator manual
  • Creatively designed PowerPoint
  • Lesson activities & handouts
  • Parent Letters
  • Comprehensive webpage for Parents & Carers of Children Completing the Umbrella Unit ~ provides:
    • lesson content overview
    • pre-lesson preparation guidance
    • post-lesson discussion guidance
    • links to online learning
    • guidance to create a safer experience for children on all online platforms
    • country specific support links
  • Pre- and post-evaluation surveys
  • Adjustment Guidance for Global Delivery
  • Australian Supporting Resources – includes links to Australian Curriculum
  • Video training
    • 1 x webinar style video, providing an overview of Umbrella Unit and practical aspects to assist in implementation.
    • 1 x short video to use in general staff meetings to create awareness and understanding of the significance and range of issues arising from children accessing pornography.
    • PLUS, a yearly subscription to the Responding to Porn Culture Video Training for organisations (valued at $297) is included with the Annual Licensing. This training includes 11 videos, comprehensive notes for each section, and follow up quizzes.

IQ PROGRAMS are available for individuals, schools and child/youth based organisations to meet student safeguarding needs. To assist us in getting to know your unique requirements we ask that all individuals/schools/organisations complete and submit responses to the IQ PROGRAMS Delivery Application Form. Approval to access Umbrella will be issued after payment has been received and within 4-48 hours of the IQ PROGRAMS Delivery Application Form being completed.

Purchasers (individuals, schools and child/youth based organisations) must purchase an annual licensing subscription and understand and agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE FOR THE IQ PROGRAMS.

IQ PROGRAMS are developed for western nations and written to meet the emerging needs of children and youth faced with growing up in a porn-saturated culture. If you would like to know what is required to adjust or license the resources for your country, please download this PDF for details and send us an email – we are here to help!