Online Video Training for orgs: Responding to Porn Culture


Having the knowledge and skills to build porn-resilience in young people through education & counselling simply must be embraced by every school and wellbeing agency. This training enables staff within organisations to take a step inside the online world of young people and understand the impact porn culture is having on them and their relationships. Over 11 video modules, gain skills to build porn-resilience in children & young people through awareness, intervention, proactive education and advocacy.


Access to this video training is for an organisation and includes 11 videos, comprehensive notes for each section, and follow up quizzes. Access online for one year, or ongoing with subscription. Single-access login. Those who complete the whole training may apply to receive a professional development certificate acknowledging the hours of learning (additional sign-off required by organisation lead).

During this training:

  • Learn about the effects of porn on the brain and pathways to compulsive use
  • Gain insight to understand varying impacts of internet porn on child and youth development, attitudes and behaviours such as problem sexualised behaviour, sexually abusive behaviours towards others and sending nude images
  • Learn about complex and interwoven dimensions of sexuality, and weigh up how external influences such as porn shapes personal attitudes and sexual belief systems
  • Consider how intimate partner violence is linked to pornography and male-dominated depictions of sexuality in media
  • Have sexuality, sexual health, sexual diversity and sexual rights explained in order to form a holistic response
  • Become familiar with best practice relationships and sexuality rationale and education frameworks
  • Discover practical and easy to implement resources to instil online protective behaviours in children
  • Unmask complex arguments surrounding the porn debate, why porn culture requires an active response, and be inspired to speak up for change
  • Learn about resources to support primary & secondary aged young people to navigate porn

Australian school educators will meet the following AITSL standards: 1.1, 4.4, 4.5, 6.4, 7.3, 7.4