Annual licensing for 1-3 units

$300.00 / year

Premium curriculum and professional learning.




  • Access to licensing for delivery of up to three (3) fully resourced units from within the IQ PROGRAMS
  • Single-access login
  • Delivery by an unlimited number of teachers to students within your school
  • Professional learning videos and podcasts
  • Regular support emails
  • A quick reply guarantee to email queries

Get all of this with an introductory annual subscription of just $300 per school.

NOTE: Youth Wellbeing Project  grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use IQ PROGRAMS on a strictly non-commercial basis within your organisation. Your licence to use IQ PROGRAMS is dependent upon you entering into our annual licensing subscription agreement. Continued use of IQ PROGRAMS is subject to annual subscription. Cessation of subscription payments for licensing results in immediate withdrawal of permissions to use IQ PROGRAMS. Please access the full TERMS AND CONDITIONS prior to purchase.