The Problem

Kids growing up in today’s digital world have very different experiences than those from previous generations. We are currently in the midst of a seismic social experiment. Never before have kids been immersed in an online world (Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, apps, gaming and various other platforms) where they are bombarded with hypersexualised images, adult themed video games and free online hardcore porn.

As access to technology increases, young people are constantly internalising messages which can confuse their understanding of healthy relationships, shaping their attitudes, behaviours, expectations, brain and emotional development. The “Internet of Things” changed everything, but with technology at our fingertips, the doorway for exploitive messages swings wide to our young people.

Our Response

IQ PROGRAMS are a whole-school educational package designed to equip kids & youth to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges.

COMPASS IQ and AGENCY IQ are signature programs within the IQ package, designed to safeguard kids and youth in the online and physical environments. GROWTH IQ and SUSTAIN IQ focus on personal development, relationships and holistic sexuality education – foundational skills essential for personal and relational wellbeing.

EACH IQ PROGRAM contains sequenced units that are comprised of 2-3 lesson clusters. Each unit targets topics in a way that is inclusive, current and age-appropriate.



COMPASS IQ (ages 4-12)
safeguarding kids in online & physical environments

GROWTH IQ (ages 4-12)
cultivating kids for healthy relationships & development

AGENCY IQ (ages 12-16)
fortifying youth in online & physical environments

SUSTAIN IQ (ages 12-16)
advancing youth for sustainable relationships & sexual health

The Outcomes

Covering early childhood, children, tweens and teens:

  • IQ PROGRAMS support schools in responding to child protection requirements and preventing sexual harms by addressing the impacts of sexually explicit materials and analysing its influence on behaviour and psychology, both personally and socially.
  • IQ PROGRAMS adopt a holistic sexuality education approach, fostering a healthy understanding of sexual wellbeing among students and addressing a broad range of issues relating to their physical, emotional, social and cultural aspects of personal development.
  • IQ PROGRAMS equip kids & youth with a deep respect for the power of choice and change (great and small). Students learn to understand the effects of these choices on themselves, others and the world around them.

IQ PROGRAM Inclusions

  • Digital access and downloads
  • Comprehensive facilitator manuals and video training for each unit
  • Creatively designed PowerPoints
  • Detailed lesson plans and a range of activities
  • Parents & Carer engagement strategies including unit overviews, conversation suggestions and more!
  • Pre- and post-evaluation surveys
  • International availability, curriculum applications and flexibility

Benefits for Educators

  • Save hours of time in preparation
  • Access specialist materials prepared by experts to address complex topics in engaging and meaningful contexts
  • Receive online training, comprehensive lesson plans and resources
  • Target the malleable phases of childhood development and guide healthy metacognitive thought processes
  • Set a strong foundation for the lifelong learning potential of your students

Benefits for Schools

  • Access diagnostic tools to help assess the quality of online risk management, wellbeing & safeguarding programs, school policies, processes, and practices

  • Meet the growing demand for education in the fields of child safety, violence prevention, sexual health and wellbeing

  • Build tomorrow’s leaders through fostering self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills and social awareness

  • Face-to-face training negotiable on request


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