“Ask the right questions if you’re going to find the right answers.”

– Vanessa Redgraves

What do you face that you don’t always want to tell your parents? Peer pressures? Unexpected pregnancy? Sexting? And what about porn? There’s loads of mixed messages about sex and sexuality, but what messages will be helpful for you to live your best life?

When it comes to sexual wellbeing, you’ve got to be switched on. There’s a price for buying into the hyper-sexed messages thrust upon us through media, music clips, magazines and hard-core porn.

So how can you navigate life well? Be willing to ask lots of questions about what is best for YOU so that you can have healthy relationships, rather than swallowing everything that culture brings your way.   Life, love and relationships… empower yourself by considering the deeper aspects of who you are and how this relates to life, sexuality, image and harmony with others.