safeguarding kids and fortifying youth, building foundational skills for personal and relational wellbeing


a whole-school educational package

educators - students - parents


targeted lesson plans

tailored resources for teachers and leaders


Why choose IQ PROGRAMS?

Is your current approach to relationships and sexuality education missing the mark? Finding effective tools to deliver holistic messages can be time consuming and overwhelming.

So often, Relationships and Sexuality resources leave schools second guessing if they can trust the content for reliability of information, student safety and a grounded framework to promote healthy sexual development. IQ PROGRAMS overcome these challenges with excellence and provide refreshing assurance to parents and professionals.



safeguarding kids and fortifying youth, building foundational skills for personal and relational wellbeing

COMPASS IQ (ages 4-12)

safeguarding kids in online & physical environments

GROWTH IQ (ages 4-12)

cultivating kids for healthy relationships & development

AGENCY IQ (ages 12-16)

fortifying youth in online & physical environments

SUSTAIN IQ (ages 12-16)

advancing youth for sustainable relationships & sexual health

training and lesson resources available soon

  • Video Training: Responding to Porn Culture


Looking for IQ PROGRAMS in your region?

COMING SOON: IQ PROGRAMS are available globally. Denmark, Canada and Ireland have tailored the IQ PROGRAMS for their country. For advance information on purchasing or to learn how to license IQ PROGRAMS in your region or country, please ask.

IQ PROGRAMS: a whole-school educational package designed to equip kids & youth to confidently navigate hypersexualised culture and other 21st century challenges. These programs commence release in 2018. Sign up to be notified of availability. 






What do people say about the IQ PROGRAMS and professional training?

Alkira Secondary CollegeDomain Leader Health & Physical Education

“IQ programs have proven to be an extremely valuable resource for our Health and Physical domain. We have had wonderful feedback.”

Community NurseWestern Australia

“Great workshop! My comprehension of the seriousness of porn’s impact has been hugely increased. An urgent topic to add to Health Sessions in my High School. (Workshop now available as video training) ”

Pre-service teacherState College

“The IQ programs are comprehensive and provided me background information prior to class, translating to confidence when answering student’s tricky questions. The discussion prompts, activities and PowerPoints foster an intelligent and informative class discussion.”


“This was one of the best workshops I have ever been to in my 22 years as a counsellor. Liz was absolutely amazing – I have told my team they must attend next time! (Workshop now available as video training) ”

IQ PROGRAMS are an initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project. Learn more about our work.